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The Bet

Backround: My good friend Gregory Frazier and I were talking one tx. We were both saying that someday we just wanted to win a plaque. Didn't care about the money just wanted a good showing and to make the top 3 and have a plaque to hang on the wall.

Well low and behold Greg managed a 3rd place finish that very day. He was smiling ear to ear as I and many others shook his hand. When I told him how happy I was for him, he thanked me and wished that I would do the same sometime soon.

Well I did, it took me quite a bit longer then Greg. But I did manage a 3rd place right at the end of the season. I know I was smiling ear to ear when I idled by Greg and held up ten fingers.

Well in the end Greg beat me by one point in the final standings. So now I want my revenge!!! :)

Challenge: Greg, I challenge you to win an aba d09 tx before I do. That's it. But since money is not that important to us, I need to give you more motivation. So, the loser will have to wear a tee shirt to the next weigh in that reads "Xxxxx is my fishgod I bow down to him".

Greg has accepted the challenge with the following modifications:
1. The shirt must be worn to the following tournament from the time we leave the house through out the day and until we return home that night.
2. The shirt must be promently displayed, i.e. no hiding it under a jacket.
3. The shirt will be pink with rainbow letters, or other awful colors determined appropriate by Wayne.


For more info
Visit the American Bass Anglers national website at http://www.americanbassanglers.com/index_aft.php

What's at stake!

Gregory Frazier

Den Budzitowski

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