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Division 9, Tournament report 10/14/2007

The American Bass Anglers Division 9 held our second early bird tournament of the 2008 season. We had 18 anglers compete with 6 new members. The weather over the last week has gone through a few changes with a cold front and rain during the week. The weather for the day was sunny with temps in the mid 60's and a southwest wind of 10 to 20mph. the water temps have dropped over the last week with cool nights and the rain and were 64 to 66 degrees.

We had a dropping tide until 11:00am at the ramp the water was fairly clear with visibility of 2'. 14 out of the 18 anglers caught fish on many different baits including top water crank baits spinner baits and soft plastics. The fish were caught all over the river from Trenton down to the Schuylkill river most guys chasing the tide.

This ends our early birds for this year and we will start up again in the spring.

1st Rick Diienno 4 fish 6.38
2nd Warren Wolk 4 fish 4.91
3rd John Kirkpatrick 4 fish 4.75
4th Dave Piscopo 2 fish 4.36
5th Cody Schwartz 4 fish 4.10
6th Wayne Alker 2 fish 3.59
7th Cornell Creciun 3 fish 3.13
8th Dale Gorrell 1 fish 3.11
9th Scott Speidel 2 fish 2.96
10th Ray Marcinkiewicz 1 fish 1.93
11th Greg Frazier 1 fish 1.50
12th Steve Wannberg 1 fish 1.38
13th Dennis Budzitowski 1 fish 1.06
14th Dave Borodziuk 1 fish .93
George Knab 0
Ed Barry 0
Chuck Warren 0
Jerry Zoog 0

Big Fish was caught by Dale Gorrell 3.11lbs

Thanks to everyone who came out and fished with us any questions feel free to give me a call 215 396-7787


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October 14, 2007
Dale Gorrell - Big Bass, 3.11 lbs
Warren Wolk - 2nd, 4.91 lbs
Rick Diienno - 1st, 6.38 lbs
John Kirkpatrick - 3rd, 4.75 lbs

October 14, 2007
Rick Diienno sm 2.79 lbs

October 14, 2007
Dale Gorrell Big Bass

October 14, 2007
John Kirkpatrick

October 14, 2007
Ray Marcinkiewicz

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