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2010 National Championship

From Kentucky Lake Tenn... Oct 8, 2010... Dale Gorrell takes 30th place with his 3 day total of 13.74 lbs. Dale also took 4th place on the Navy Team.

Wayne Alker, unfortunatly had to withdraw from the nationals due to a back problem but his points still earned him a spot on the Union Team.

Den Budzitowski had a tough time finding keepers and ended up with 6 lbs even.

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Den's Blog

What a great event, we all had a wonderful time!! Lets see in summary, stopped by the PA state troopers once, two flat tires, a torn boat cover, a back injury, a trip to the ER, oh yeah and a little fishing!!!!

Mishaps... Wayne was leading the way west on the PA turnpike him towing the USS Enterprise and me towing my little rig. First Wayne's boat cover rips so we stop and take the cover off.

Then not an hour from home a state trooper pulls up beside me and I slow down, then he pulls up beside wayne and stays there for about 5 minutes, Wayne keeps going slower and slower, I look in my mirror and the cars are lined up behind us forever. Anyway after a long time the trooper pulls Wayne over, and I wave as I go by :) The trooper complains that we were doing 75 but then asks Wayne how much his boat weighs. The trooper was concerned that Wayne's rig was heavy enough to warrent an inspection but in the end just let him go.

About an hour later we pull over for our first gas stop and I notice my trialer tire is going flat (it's only 2 months old). Thank goodness my spare had air in it. Believe it or not once we got out of PA we made the rest of the way without mishap.

Wayne acted as a observer in the AOY tournament he of course had to ride with another competitor. But the guy took a big wake way to fast and caused Wayne's back to go out of whack, forcing him to with draw from the nationals. A really bad break considering 15 hrs to tow his boat down there.

The day after the AOY tournament my foot was hurting (no idea why) so I just took it easy. The next morning I could hardly get out of bed. Barb took me to the ER at 5am. They took xrays and what not, but could not find anything wrong. So they gave me some pain pills and I was on the water by 10am.

Driving home we had trouble finding hotels with any vacancy, finally about midnight we find one and lo and behold Wayne two week old trailer tire is going flat!!!! oh course we just entered PA...

Practice... Fishing was so great on Barkley, but a cold front came thru and shut them down on us. We did get some fish later on in the day but I didn't get any keepers on the first day of practice, but I did manage some on a riprap bank the second day. Wayne did use his boat the one day but I guess it hurt to much as that was the last time he went out. Matt did the best by far both practice days as he did managed a few keepers each day.

Day 1... Drew another boater, nice guy from florida Ken, Used my boat, I wanted to run south but there was this unbelievable fog just a mile south of the ramp. So I hit my riprap spot but nothing doing there. So the fog is still there, rather then run it we hit the ledges and I get a nice keeper right away. Ended up fishing those ledges all day and catching a good number but again keepers are hard to find. I had two keepers my partner got one, all on worms.

Day 2... Got paired with one of the guys that fishes the potomac all the time, A Commander in the USCG. Was my first ride in a basscat, really nice rig. And he is a hell of good fisherman. We ran about 30 miles fishing points. I got the first keeper on a worm, but he started nailing them on spinnerbaits and spooks, in the end I just had the one keeper. And I think he had 3.

Day 3... I got paired with Jim but he didnt bring his boat, so again I got to use mine 2 out of the 3 days. Jim and I tried everywhere but getting any bite was tough. We did get a few but not many, I had one that was close at the end of the day, but it really didnt matter so I threw it back.

Despite all the mishaps, I had a great time. All the guys I fished with were great and I cant wait to do it again next year!!!!



October 8, 2010
Dale Gorrell 13.74 lbs

October 8, 2010
Dale Gorrell 30th

Dale Gorrell Navy Team 4th

Matt's Hotel

Matt Padden

Wayne Alker Union Team

Den B

1M Piccolo374
2Blake F373
2Joe C372
1Cody S182

Mike Tenaglia, Mike Piccolo, Scott Mcdonough and Blake Forrest put on an exciting finish after day one all were with one pound of winning. But Tenags pulled it out with some really nice small mouth for his second AOY crown. Great Job Mike. Mike Teti crusied to his second COY title. Great job Mike.
2023 AOY
Mike Tenaglia
  2023 COY
Mike Teti

Mike Piccolo and Blake Forrest put on an exciting Championship after day one Blake was up by 1 tenth of a pound and they both brought in great limits both days. Pic did a little better on Sunday bringing home the win and his 3rd AOY title!!! Great Job Mike. Cody Schwartz and Mike Teti were in a tight battle for COY, came down to the last day but Mike egded out Cody for the COY title. Great job to both of you!!!
2022 AOY
Mike Piccolo
  2022 COY
Mike Teti

Matt Weber the young gun, taught all the old guys he is the real deal. Matt put on a late season charge taking both the 2 day championship and AOY. Great Job Matt!!!! Cody Schwartz and Joey McCormack battled it out all year for the top co angler spot. It came down to the last day and one fish could have made the difference. Cody's 6th place finish in the 2 day was just enough to edge ahead. Great job to both of you!!!
2021 AOY
Matt Weber
  2021 COY
Cody Schwartz

Ryan Bauman put on an impressive display winning 5, and 2nd twice, in his 2020 campaign for AOY. Ryan joins the ranks of multiple AOY winners with his second title. Ray Marcinkiewicz remains the top non boater, winning his 3rd straight COY and 4th overall.
2020 AOY
Ryan Bauman
  2020 COY
Ray Marcinkiewicz

Mike Piccolo came on strong at the end of the season winning both the 2 day and 2019 AOY. Doing it in style he posted a new divsion record with 33.23 lbs, for his second AOY crown. Ray Marcinkiewicz crush the non boater field with an impressive 23.46 lbs and 6.60 lb lunker to take COY for the second year in a row.
2019 AOY
Mike Piccolo
  2019 COY
Ray Marcinkiewicz

Tenags was hearing footsteps Rich Przybyl had won the last two in a row and was within striking distance. A good limit on day one gave Mike a nice lead. But he was sweating Sunday morning when he watched two fellow competitors load their boat right in front of him. Mike only had one fish in the boat at the time. But nerves of steal prevailed! Mike loaded his boat again and put together the largest winning sack in division history 30+ lbs.
2018 AOY
Mike Tenaglia
  2018 COY
Ray Marcinkiewicz

Den was 2 points behind Tenags, and Scott was breathing down his neck. He didn't think he had much of a chance but a good limit on day 1 put him in the lead. That limit was anchored by a 3 pounder that he literally got on his last cast. Day 2 he thought he had lost at 2pm only had two in the boat. But same place as the day before. He put 3 more in the boat in the last 10 minutes to seal the win. Joe Ciamaichela Jr wins COY for the 5th time in row. He held off a late charge by Ray Marcinkiewicz to continue his non-boater dominance. But I think he maybe hearing footsteps!
2017 AOY
Den Budzitowski
  2017 COY
Joe Ciamaichela Jr

Mike Piccolo took the AOY lead into the 2 day, But after day one, it looked like Mike Tenaglia could pull off a come from behind win. But Pic brought in a big 17 lb sack on day two to seal the win! Joe Phillips needed just one more fish, but it was not to be! Joe Ciamaichela Jr wins COY for the 4th year in a row. Great job Joe!
2016 AOY
Mike Piccolo
  2016 COY
Joe Ciamaichela Jr

Ryan Bauman took a big lead into the 2 day and did not disappoint. His 12 lb sack on day one sealed the deal for Angler of the year. Joe Ciamaichela Jr wins COY for the 3rd year in a row. He was behind going into the finals but pulled out another title on the last event.
2015 AOY
Ryan Bauman
  2015 COY
Joe Ciamaichela Jr

Bill Cowperthwait kicked tail for most of the year, and went into the finals with a good lead but on saturday he could not manage a fish, leaving the door open for AOY. But Bill is a tough competitor and locked the deal up with a good sack on sunday. Robert Winward wins the two day championship. A cold front made the fishing tough but Robert had them figured out when no one else could. Joe Ciamaichela Jr wins COY for the 2nd year in a row. He had a big lead going into the finals and crushed all hope amoung his competitors with a 5 pounder on day one.
2014 AOY
Bill Cowperthwait
  2014 Two Day Champ
Robert Winward
2014 COY
Joe Ciamaichela Jr

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Ricky D, crushed the field with a 29 lb sack to win the two day and nail down his 3rd AOY title and his second in a row. Great Job Ricky your the man!!! Joe Ciamaichela Jr wins the COY title, he was in a tight race with Randy all year but he came thru big in the 2 day, to nail down the win. Congrats Joe!!!
2013 AOY
Rick DiIenno
  2013 COY
Joe Ciamaichela Jr

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Ricky DiIenno locks up his 2nd AOY crown. It was a real tight race this year with three anglers within 2 pts of the lead. Although Ricky could not manage a limit the fish he did bring were quailty enough to make him our first ever two time winner. Dale Gorrell wins the two day championship for the second year in a row. He held off a sunday charge by Mike Piccolo to nail down the win. Randy Iorio wins COY for the 5th time and 4th straight, the competeition was tough this year with 4 co-anglers giving Randy a good run.
2012 AOY
Rick DiIenno
  2012 Two Day Champ
Dale Gorrell
2012 COY
Randy Iorio

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Mike Piccolo lead much of the year based on 3 early season wins on the flats. But that did nothing but cause Dale Gorrell to focus. Conditions were tough with high muddy water But Dale managed the only limit on the final day to tie Mike for the points lead. Causing a special tie breaker tournament in which Dale prevaled. Randy Iorio locked up COY for the 3rd straight time, can anybody beat this guy?
2011 AOY
Dale Gorrell
  2011 COY
Randy Iorio

Going into the 2 day, four guys within 5 pts of the AOY lead. Den didn't think he had much of a chance but 2 solid limits propelled him to win both the Division Championship and AOY. Randy had a great season, his win on the flats gave him a commanding lead going into the finals, and a solid limit on day one sealed the deal for COY.
2010 AOY
Den Budzitowski
  2010 COY
Randy Iorio

Jeff Lead all year but Tim K, Mike T and Chris D closed the gap and gave us all an exciting finsh to the season. Jeff was trailing after day 1 but brought in a limit on the last day to win both the division championship and AOY. Randy broke into a good lead after the final one day event, and slamed the door shut with a good limit on day one of the finals.
2009 AOY
Jeff Warner
  2009 COY
Randy Iorio

Ricky D, and Ralph Ferguson were in a tight race all year, but Rick Hung on to his lead on the last day winning both the Division championship and nailing down AOY. Ray M pulled a great come from behind win over defending co-angler champ Randy Iorio during the two day.
2008 AOY
Rick DiIenno
  2008 COY
Ray Marcinkiewicz

Johnny V and Dave Seemans were in the closest AOY race ever, after day 1 of the championship they were separated by only 0.05 lbs. But John came thru on the last day with a big 13 lb. sack winning both the Division championship and AOY. The Co-angler race was tight as well with Randy, Rob Santos, Cody Shwartz and Ed Barry all in the running on the last day. But Randy's experience paid off with a good sack winning COY.
2007 AOY
John Vanore
  2007 COY
Randy Iorio

Dave Seemans dominated in 2006 with 2 wins, 4 seconds and a 3rd place finish. But Trail Oliver deleiverd an impressive 21 lb sack for the two day edgeing out Dave for the 2 day championship. But Dave's second place was more than enuough to earn him well deserved AOY honors.
2006 AOY
Dave Seemans

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