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Division 9 tournament report 4/26/2008

North East River Maryland.

The ABA division 9 held our first tournament of the spring on the Susquehanna Flats from Anchor Marina, North East River MD. We had 23 anglers come out and fish with us. What a wonderful day for fishing!!!! Its was like an early summer day with warm temps and gentle wind, well for the flats anyway. Water temps were around 67° some found them on wood some in the grass if you could find it. Congrats to all our winners. and Special mention to Derek Littlejohns who finshed just out of the money in his very first tx, Greg Guerry did a wonderful job showing him the ropes.

Place Name Fish Weight Lunker
1Mike Piccolo517.82
2Charlie Steiner515.53
3Steve Wannberg412.56
4Greg Frazier512.36
5Derek Littlejohns512.17
6Jim Steiner511.63
7Dave Seemans59.594.65
8Mike Tenaglia36.69
9John Kirkpatrick26.26
10Harry Phillips24.56
11Cody Schwartz24.51
12Den Budzitowski24.21
13Randy Iorio13.22
14Wayne Alker12.87
15Greg Guerry12.71
16Joe Jackson12.52
17Robert Conger12.10
18Chuck Warren0 
18Rob Santos0 
18Ray Marcinkiewicz0 
18Jerry Zoog0 
18Tom Deacon0 
18Rich Elmer0 

Come on out and join the fun Our next event will be May 3rd on the Northeast river out of Anchor Marina

Any questions feel free to give me a call


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April 26, 2008 (left to right)
Greg Frazier - 4th, 12.36 lbs
Steve Wannberg - 3rd, 12.56 lbs
Mike Piccolo - 1st, 17.82 lbs
Charlie Steiner - 2nd, 15.53 lbs
Dave Seemans - Lunker, 4.65 lbs

Mike Piccolo, 1st 17.82 lbs

Charlie Steiner 2nd 15.53 lbs

Steve Wannberg 3rd 12.56 lbs

Dave Seemans Lunker, 4.65 lbs

Derek Littlejohns 5th 12.17 lbs

Jim Steiner 6th 11.63 lbs

Cody Schwartz 11th 4.51 lbs

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