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Division 9 tournament report 4/21/2007

Division#9 of the ABA had our first tournament of the season today. 19 anglers came out and fished with us on a very tough day. The weather today was a big change from what we have had in the last few weeks. Sunny and warm 74 with a lite breeze of 5mph The water was muddy with a lot of floating debris, it seems that the storm from last week is still causing trouble. the High tide was one foot above the normal and very cold for this time of year 47*. Out of the 19 anglers 4 managed to bring at least 1 fish to the scales. Tom Deacon 2 fish 6.88lbs and big fish @4.03 John Vanore 2 fish 6.42lbs Partick Van Wettering 1 fish 3.58lbs Dave Seemmans 1 fish 3.50lbs reports had the fish caught off wood grass and rocks on spinner baits and jigs

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April 21, 2007
Tom Deacon - 1st, 6.88 lbs

April 21, 2007
John Vanore 2nd 6.42 lbs

April 21, 2007
Patrick Van Wettering 3rd 3.58 lbs

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